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For over a hundred years Northwood students have been experiencing a wide range of outdoor activities.

One of the most popular outdoor pursuits at Northwood is the 攀岩 Program. Students learn the basics of knots, 利用, 系索, and rappelling techniques on our indoor climbing wall. Then they take their skills outdoors – on the endless cliff faces of nearby Chapel Pond, 威尔明顿切口, 和级联湖.

As students advance through the program, they can move on to multi-pitch climbing, 攀冰, and maybe even a first ascent. (Check the Adirondack guidebook, and you’ll find quite a legacy here.) Northwood’s 攀岩 Program is developmental. We start at the beginning and move students along individually so that they are ready for each challenge that comes their way. The climbing program is under the direction of Northwood English teacher and acclaimed climber and author, 唐Mellor 71. 

  • Over 35 years of professional guiding
  • 9 books on climbing, including the instructional 攀岩: A Trailside Guide
  • Member High Angle Rescue Team for DEC
  • Lecturer in the Expeditionary Studies Program, SUNY Plattsburgh

Rock climbing is only one part of a wider array of outdoor offerings, 包括露营, 徒步旅行, 划独木舟, 皮划艇, 和冰攀爬.  

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