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男孩的足球 教练

The Northwood School 男孩的足球 coaching staff includes: 

Jon Moodey
乔恩•Moodey Program Director 男孩的足球

Prior to joining Northwood, Jon served as founder and CEO of Black Rock Football Club. 在那之前, he served as the head soccer coach at Berkshire School for 11 years, where the won three National Prep Championships. While at Berkshire, Jon was also an Associate Director of 入学 and member of the English faculty.  Jon brings over 20 years of experience in coaching and education to Northwood School.   Jon is married to Martina Moodey, a former member of the Spanish faculty at Berkshire School.  They have two children and reside on campus.

开尔文马丁内斯, Dean of Multicultural Affairs, Dean of Faculty Growth and Development, Foreign Language Faculty Faculty, 男孩的足球 Coach

Kelvin Martinez joined Northwood from the Fay School in Southborough, MA.  Mr. Martinez serves as Northwood's Dean of Multicultural Affairs and Recruitment. He is also a Spanish instructor and head coach of the boys’ soccer team. He is currently working on his Ph.D. at the University of Albany in the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.  Mr. Martinez lives on campus with his wife Nora and their three children.

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